Another feature that makes 123Movies stand out is its lack of fake players.  Most free streaming sites use third-party video players or embedded videos in their pages that seem like they will let you watch your favorite flicks but instead lead to spammy ads. But not 123Movies: they rely on high-quality videos from trusted sources, so you get a safe and reliable viewing experience. Their business model doesn't include tricking people into clicking spammy ads! Another great feature of 123Movie is that it's available in multiple languages. In fact, this website could be useful to those living outside the United States who wants to watch movies from their home country. It has a multilingual interface and subtitles. 

This makes it easy for non-English speakers to enjoy films and TV shows. Finally, 123Movies is free of malware and viruses, so you never have to worry about visiting this site! You can feel safe while streaming your favorite flicks on any device because they only link out to trusted websites like iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. For these reasons, 123Movies has become one of the most popular sites for streaming movies online. It's easy to see why it's so alluring when you look at its features. 

This makes it one of the most pleasurable free movie sites out there! You can watch your favorite flicks ad-free. Regardless of what you want to watch, 123Movies has got it all! You'll find it on this site, from action films like Iron Man, 3 to comedy movies like we’re the Millers. This makes it a go-to for movie buffs. They also have many different genres, including horror films, classic TV shows, and foreign language flicks. Plus, they constantly update their site with new content! Are you looking to binge-watch your favorite series? 123Movies has got seasons of popular American sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.  To get additional information on 123 movies please check out 123movieshd.

You can stream them anytime without having to worry about running out of episodes! Next up is their user-friendly layout. Viewing movies on any free streaming site can be difficult because most aren't designed well. At least not with 123Movies!  Their layout is easy on the eyes, making it an enjoyable experience. To make your viewing experience even better, 123Movies has an option to sync movies and shows across all devices! This means you can continue watching where you left off on any device. This makes it very convenient for movie buffs! 

                              Features 123Movies Offer Viewers

123Movies has become one of the most popular websites for streaming movies and TV shows.  This is no coincidence, as its features are what make it so alluring to viewers. Here are 8 features 123Movies offers that set them apart from other free movie sites. First is the huge selection of movies and shows 123Movies boasts a large selection of both new releases and older classics, ranging across many genres for people with different tastes in entertainment. With so much content, you'll never be bored watching on 123Movies! Second is the quality of videos 123Movies offers HD quality movies and TV shows. In fact, they have the most HD content compared to other similar sites. 

You can stream your favorite flicks at up to 1080p HD resolution! It's a top-notch viewing experience that will exceed your expectations. Plus, you could even cast directly from your browser onto a big screen via Chromecast or Apple TV! Next, there are fast streaming speeds 123Movies has one of the fastest site loading speeds you'll find on any free movie site out there! So if you want to get right down to watching rather than waiting for buffering times, this website is perfect for you! It's full of premium features but easy on the eyes. Another feature of 123Movies is its minimalist interface, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at. The website's design won't distract you from watching movies and shows. Plus, there isn't any annoying advertising on the site that will interrupt your viewing experience. 

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